Your Skin Type



The seasons change and so does your skin, so we ask: what is it telling you today? Whether it be hormonal breakouts, post treatment skin maintenance, or changing of the weather, understanding your dermal type and tone is crucial in supporting the healthiest form of your complexion. Take a moment to review the Kasnoff approach for picking the best beauty product for your skin so you can achieve natural, everyday beauty effortlessly.



OILY Tends to look shiny with enlarged pores and is prone to blackheads and blemishes. Try products that are oil-free like Kasnoff Oil Defense line, and those that contain salicylic acid, like Kasnoff Pore Perfecting Primer, to help control oil secretion.  Consider shying away from dewey foundation coverage and leaning towards mattifying products like our Liquid Mineral Matte Foundation and Pressed Powder to control oil shine. 

DRY Feels tight, especially after cleansing, and is prone to wrinkles and flaking. Darker tones may appear ashy or dull from a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface.  Try any of Kasnoff Nourishing treatments to keep the skin moisture barrier intact and healthy, our Brightening line to freshen the skin tone, and make sure to book a facial to slough off old skin cells and reveal new, healthier skin.

COMBINATION Balanced skin that has a smooth even texture with medium size pores. It may be dryer on the cheeks and oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). Try using our oil-free SPF moisturizer during the day and for makeup, make sure to Prime & Protect to help extend foundation wear and keep skin looking even.

We realize there are more than 3 skin types out there, which is why we provide only a brief recommendation of products to use. Explore the entire Kasnoff Skincare line focused on 3 major categories of skin concerns to see where your skin needs lie. 



SENSITIVE Tends to be thin with fine pores, flushes easily and is frequently reactive to products.Every person is different, but sensitivity can be experienced by dry, damaged and oily skin. Only time will tell if a skincare or makeup product is irritating to you but to combat this from happening, ensure everything you apply to your skin is Hypoallergenic to reduce allergic reactions and clogged pores.

ACNEIC/BREAKOUTSWhiteheads, blackheads and cysts caused by a number of factors including hormonal changes, oily cosmetics, hair products, and high levels of humidity and sweating.  Use an AHA treatment at least once a week, like our Mineral Mud Cleanser, and book an all-inclusive facial to speak with a licensed Aesthetician and help regenerate new skin cells. 

AGING/SUN DAMAGESagging, lining, loss of elasticity; Skin feels tight with visible wrinkles and broken or enlarged capillaries. Loss of elasticity is evident, especially around the cheeks and jawline.  Regimented facials will be key in helping your skin turn over dead skin cells and forcing new skin to grow in it's place.  Try our Peptide Treatments, which contain a slew of vitamins and peptides to will help restore skin's vibrancy and texture, stimulate collagen production, increase moisture retention, and encourages cell regeneration. 

ROSECEARedness on cheeks, nose, chin and forehead, which may be accompanied by acne-like eruptions. Skin has a tendency to flush or bruise easily. 

HYPERPIGMENTATIONDull, Damaged, Discoloration; Patches of skin that are darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. It may occur due to sun damage, pregnancy (melasma), and acne scarring. Try our Brightening Treatments, which contain natural skin lighteners like cinnamon bark extract, licorice, and a high dose of antioxidants for protection. 

LARGE PORES Visible in the T-zone and most common in normal to oily skin types.  Our Pore Perfecting Primer is your best friend here, but if you prefer a creamy application with ample hydration, the RetexturCreme Primer is a great choice.  Just remember that a primer under your foundation will be necessary for an even, flawless, makeup application. 

UNEVEN– Flaky, bumpy and rough. Most of us have this problem at one point in our lives.  Ensure you are stimulating cell regeneration with the appropriate cleanser (we love our gentle, Stimulating Cleansing Paste as a nightly treatment), as well as priming and protecting your skin for makeup application.  

POST TREATMENT Fragile skin following procedures such as Microdermabrasion, chemical peel and laser treatments. To ensure proper healing, use a hydrating, hypoallergenic producgt like Kasnoff Reparative Cream and always, apply ample sun protection like these SPF formulations, in addition to wearing a hat whenever outside.  



COOL More pink hues in the skin.
NEUTRAL Contains pink and yellow hues.
WARMMore yellow hues in the skin.

Unsure? Look at the underside of your forearm. If your veins appear greener, you are likely a warm undertone. If veins appear bluer, you are likely a cool undertone. If you see both colors, you may have a neutral skin tone.



VERY FAIR Pale or fair skin that burns easily.
FAIRSkin that burns relatively easy.
MEDIUMSkin that tans with some redness.
TANOlive skin that tans evenly and easily.
BRONZELight brown skin tone with a hint of yellow.
DARK Deep skin that tans quickly, or with little to no visible sign of tanning.



If you are using Liquid Mineral Foundation, Mineral Pressed Powder, or Mineral Sheer Tint, try these colors…


Cool- Porcelain, Nude, Light
Neutral- Porcelain, Nude, Light
Warm- Linen, Blonde, Light
Concealer- Light, Light Medium


Cool- Porcelain, Cream, Cameo glow
Neutral- Porcelain, Nude, Cameo glow
Warm- Vanilla Cream, Cream, Light
Concealer- Light, Light Medium


Cool- Pale Beige, Toast, Natural
Neutral- Pale Beige, Toast, Natural
Warm- Tender Beige, Toast, Natural
Concealer- Medium, Medium Peach


Cool- Tender Beige, Toast, Medium
Neutral- Natural Beige, Toast, Medium
Warm- Natural Beige, Sand, Medium


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Are you going out with friends? Heading to work? Or simply taking an afternoon stroll through Golden Gate Park? Whatever occasion, Kasnoff Cosmetics can help you obtain the makeup coverage appropriate for the day.  Discover an in depth look here.

SHEER-For your natural skin to come through use the Retexturizing Face Primer, Mineral Sheer Tint, Photo Touch Concealer, Mineral Pressed Powder, and Mineral Finishing Powder.

MEDIUMIf you want a light coverage of imperfection use the Pore Perfecting Face Primer, Retexturizing Face Primer, Liquid Mineral foundation, Mineral Sheer tint, Mineral Pressed Powder, and Photo Touch Concealer.

FULL/MATTE For total coverage of imperfections use the Retexturizing Face Primer, Pore Perfecting Primer, Liquid Mineral Foundation, Mineral Pressed Powder, and Photo Touch Concealer.

DEWEYTo give a nice, reflective glow use the Retexturcreme Face Primer, Mineral Sheer Tint, and Mineral Finishing Powder.

Still not sure? Book a Complimentary Consultation at The Skin Clinic and we will be happy to help you.