Tips On How To Prepare Your Skin For Spring

March 3, 2017

A Medical Aesthetician’s Guide to Move Your Skin from Winter to Spring

It’s March which means Spring is on its way!  Time to start thinking about the best way to ready and maintain your complexion for when we finally see the sun again.  Here are my favorite, quick and easy tips for an easy winter-to-spring beauty routine, so that your skin is happy, healthy, and protected come April.

1: Ready Your Face with a Facial

The first step is to book a facial (shocking, I know!). If you aren’t on a facial schedule, or simply don’t have the time nor the thought to schedule one; now is the time to actually get one! A facial quickly, painlessly, and safely removes all of the dead skin cells that have accumulated over the months, allowing your skin to breathe, regenerate new skin cells, and shine a new glow.  If you have ever had a facial, or have seen someone else after one, I am sure you can attest to the fact that their face looks brighter and actually feels smoother from it.  I actually do more chemical peeling on my clients during the winter too, since it’s the best time to rebuild the collagen structure and delay the signs of aging without worrying about sun damage (yes- a positive about the grey weather).  Just treat yourself and book a facial today, ya?

PRO TIP- if you can’t make it into The Skin Clinic as much as you would like to, try Kasnoff AHA Mineral Mud Mask, or your favorite mask treatment, once a week for deep cleansing. This will take away any excess particles that normal cleansing leaves behind.

2: Maintain Moisture

At the end of the harsh winter climate, skin tends to look a bit dry, dull, and lackluster.  The best way to combat those particular skin ailments is to use products that contain nourishing and emollient oils, like Squalene, Macadamia nut, and antioxidants such as Vitamins A & C.  No matter how oily you think your skin is, or believe in the tale that oils break out your skin (some do, some don’t, and it really depends on the product and your skin, but I digress…), you need a pH balanced, nourishing treatment to keep the skin’s protective acid mantle from being disrupted leading to over  or under-active oil production.  If your concern is congestion, blemishes or acne, a treatment cream with Glycolic and Salicylic acid will help to kill bacteria and dislodge unsightly blackheads. If your concerns are  fine lines and loss of elasticity use a treatment cream with an extra boost of Peptides (Kasnoff uses the power of Matrixyl® Synthe’6™ Mimetic Peptide, which improves underlying skin structure by being involved in the orderly, rapid maturation of collagen), and Hyaluronic acid for moisture retention.  If your concern is scarring, sun damage, or pigmentation, use a treatment cream with brightening and lightening ingredients such as licorice and cucumber extracts, tyrosinase inhibitors (the enzyme in our body that triggers the melanocytes when the dermis is under any kind of duress).

PRO TIP: Apply your sunscreens and night creams when skin is still damp from the wash, as it will be absorbed quickly and…you will actually need to use less product (!).  After brushing your teeth, re-apply a bit of your night cream around the lip area as the harsh toothpaste and subsequent washing removes product already applied. 

3: Boost SPF

We are all on a daily sun protection regimen, right??? Even so, springtime is the best time to boost your SPF, in addition to applying more antioxidants to get that extra UV and environmental protection from the stronger sun and inevitably, longer days outside.  A minimum of SPF 15 is essential during the winter months, but when that sun is shining high, increase that SPF to at least 30 and ideally an SPF 50 if you are prone to pigmentation or have sun damage.  

PRO TIP: Try to use products that boast SPF on the label (I know, I sound like a broken record here but it really is the best defense against premature aging!). If you layer these on, you create a physical barrier between the skin and the sun, and are more protected from pollution and UV rays.

4: Get (or at least fake) that Glow!

Another great tip to help bring the glow back to your complexion (and super easy to add to your beauty routine for that matter) is by using a sheer, luminous foundation followed by a pop of color on the cheeks.  Yes, I am talking about Tints and Blushes!  Look for mineral based products, as they almost always have inorganic and organic SPF protection, but also because they house specially milled minerals that even out the skin’s natural tone and reflect light, providing a natural radiance.  I recommend wearing Kasnoff Sheer Mineral Tint alone for a natural look, or patted gently on your cheekbones once you have completed your foundation to provide natural luminescence.  

PRO TIP: during the winter months when the skin tends to be dry and often flaky, a lighter touch with foundation is key to keeping that radiant glow.  A small amount of a tinted primer is sufficient for evening out your skin tone.  If you prefer a more matte look or are more exposed to the sun’s damaging rays (think skiing), I recommend a liquid mineral powder or pressed powder for a bit more coverage and protection from the environment.


As always, skin is personal and behaves differently from one person, and season, to the next.  If you have specific questions or in need of some skin guidance, I am always here to help. Please email me or book a consultation so we can personalize your skin care regimen and start the path to happy, healthy, radiant skin.


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