Three Makeup Mistakes That Age You

March 21, 2017

A Beauty Professional’s Confession On What Ages You

In my 25+ years as an aesthetician, I repeatedly see the same makeup mistakes women make over and over again that add years to the skin but are so easy to fix.

Not (thoroughly) Removing Your Makeup.

The #1 way to ensure your makeup looks good during the day and throughout life is to actually take care of your skin and remove the makeup at night. Everyday, makeup, dirt, oil and environmental debris build up on our skin, especially between the layers of dead cells, giving us a dull, lackluster appearance. When we don’t remove “the day”  before bed, all of this can transfer to our pillowcases and continually rub on our skin. Unhealthy, dirty skin CAN age you!   

Ask yourself, are you washing your face properly, too? Here’s how, just in case.

  • Use warm water.
  • Work cleanser in hands to create a gentle lather.
  • Use a circular motion to wash face. This stimulates blood circulation and actually promote collagen production, too!
  • Pat dry (don’t rub!) with a gently cloth, or paper towel (you can actually see the dirt remaining if you use this method).

Also, without proper cleansing before bed, you are probably (most definitely) missing out on the benefits of a night time treatment cream, serum, or toner, as the dirt will block anything from penetrating the deep dermal layers.

My recommendation is a pH balanced cleanser that will remove all traces of makeup.  I always have my clients wash, rinse, and repeat. Two times, everybody! The first cleanse removes “the day”, as mentioned above, while the second cleanse penetrates into the pores and dislodges impurities.  My favorite cleanser (okay I am biased!) is Kasnoff Cosmetics Stimulating Cleansing Paste.  The ingredients include Spearmint, Peppermint, Menthol, Eucalyptus, as well as Thyme, Rosemary, and Hops. These stimulating ingredients increase blood circulation as well as gently lifts off dead skin.

PRO TIP:  During your second wash, use a cotton pad to increase exfoliation.  This will also allow you to see the dirt and debris coming off (or still on) your face.  Want a deep clean? Leave the cleanser on for 5 minutes for a mini mask that will give life back to your complexion!

Too Much Foundation.

A thick, heavy layer of makeup actually shows more fine lines and wrinkles. It’s true! The more creases there are for your makeup to lie in, the more likely foundation will look uneven and fall into those lines.  Rather than trying to cover up imperfections with more makeup, use just the right amount to even out the skin tone, in addition to applying a primer.  Primers are usually silicone based and create a barrier between the imperfections of your skin and your makeup so that your foundation, or powder, lies evenly, wears evenly, and looks smoother on your skin. For those of you who are makeup averse, remember, a good foundation will actually benefit your skin by providing anti-aging ingredients as well as sun and environmental protection.

My recommendation is to use a mineral based foundation, as this type of makeup usually has specifically milled minerals that reflect light, match skin colors well, and allow the skin to breathe.  My favorite is Kasnoff Liquid Mineral Foundation SPF 20. The formulation contains antioxidants to help prevent discoloration from environmental aggressors, humectants to keep your complexion hydrated, and a physical sun block to prevent aging. It has a matte finish and seriously feels like silk on the skin! Kasnoff Retexturcreme Primer is the best for skin with textural issues, while the Kasnoff Tinted Primer SPF 20 is fantastic for a lighter coverage look.

Whatever brand of makeup you use, try using a “stippling” method with your fingers.  This will warm up the product, allowing it to go on smoothly and evenly, as well as ensure you don’t use too much  Focus on your forehead, nose, under eyes, and mouth area and blend outward: this will decrease the “mask” look that some foundations can leave.

PRO TIP: Use a small amount of foundation and lightly tap or stipple it along the T-zone area and blend outward. This area is generally where you need foundation most.

Using Too Much (or too little!) Color.

A perfectly colored, radiant complexion is a sign of health, vitality, and well being.  But when you can see defined lines of blush on the cheeks it can make you look old (not to mention sort of clownish, right?).

On the other hand, not defining the structure of your face can make your skin look dull, old, and the fine lines and wrinkles more apparent. Just follow these easy steps to make sure you apply the color correctly.

  • Smile! And find the “apples” of your cheeks.
  • Gently rub a fluffy brush (I like the Kasnoff Studio Brush for this) into the blush. Remember, the less the better.  You can always go back for more 🙂
  • Apply the blush at the apple, and move towards your hairline, across the cheekbones using a swiping motion.
  • Once you have the desired color, apply a lighter Illuminating Powder to blend the blush into your foundation more evenly. This will ensure you don’t have those defined lines I mentioned above, and will provide a little extra glow on the skin.

My recommendation is Kasnoff Mineral Matte Blush in Flirt or Coral for a touch of springtime pop, or in Adobe for a neutral color.  These are mineral based, hypoallergenic, and contain Vitamins A, C & E for antioxidant protection. You can also use it on your eyelids for a natural easy breezy, youthful look too.

PRO TIP: Go ahead and experiment with a bit of makeup to enhance your best features.  A touch on your cheeks, top of your nose, hairline, and eyelids goes a long way when you want a youthful radiance!

Cleanser.  Sheer foundation.  Blush. I know everyone has these 3 tools in their beauty kit to combat the tall tale signs of age. Now it is up to YOU to put it in practice.

Until next time~

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