Skincare & Makeup FAQ

 How is Kasnoff different from other makeup brands?

Kasnoff is focused on correcting damaged skin, protecting against future environmental aggressors, and restoring a youthful radiance for lasting beauty.  As such, our mineral makeup formulas and anti-aging skincare strive to maximize restorative properties in every application so that each time you use them, you give back to your skin.  Kasnoff Skincare & Cosmetics' goal is never to hide your natural beauty; only to enhance the cleanest version of your face and promote a healthy complexion. For more information on Christina Kasnoff and crew, read the Kasnoff story & mission statement.


How are Kasnoff Skincare & Cosmetics good for my skin?

The entire Kasnoff line is formulated with the highest quality mineral ingredients, botanical oils, and cosmetic technology. Medical Aesthetician, Christina Kasnoff, has been working with her lab for over 12 years ensuring each product is tested and approved before endorsing. Each product contains a unique blend of antioxidants, botanical extracts, and minerals that positively affect your dermal health without adding complexity to your beauty routine. Many of our makeup products feature talc-free, dye-free, gluten-free, and fragrance-free options for those with stricter guidelines, and all skincare and makeup products are paraben-free.


What skin types are Kasnoff Skincare & Cosmetics made for?

Kasnoff is designed to accommodate different "seasons of skins" from oily to dry, pigmented and dull, and damaged to aging.  Your skin is your biggest organ and reacts uniquely to environmental changes, making it crucial to have and use products that work synergistically with your lifestyle. We focus on three skincare categories (Peptide or loss of elasticity, Brightening or pigmentation concerns, and Oil Defense) and have a 1-2-3 step skincare system (cleanse, day treatments, and night treatments) so choosing a product is easy. If you are unsure, we offer guidance on how to choose the best skincare product for your skin type or the best makeup product for your skin tone and beauty routine.


Do Kasnoff products contain Parabens?

The entire line of Kasnoff is Paraben Free.  Our Lab Chemists have worked hard to find healthy preservation alternatives to Parabens to prevent mold, fungus and other microbes from growing in our products. We are committed to healthy products and will continue to develop healthy methods for happy skin.


What type of coverage do Kasnoff Cosmetics provide?

Our goal is to never hide your natural beauty: only improve upon it.  All Kasnoff mineral Cosmetics are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and meant for build-able coverage. Whether it be sheer protection on a hot summer day, a natural look with medium coverage for the office, or a picturesque finish for a holiday party: you choose your finish. Because the ingredients are derived from natural minerals, choosing the right shade is easy as it provides the correct amount of coverage to balance unevenness while allowing the skin’s natural coloration to shine through. Learn how to build your makeup foundation.


Where can I sample and purchase Kasnoff Skincare & Cosmetics? 

It is so important to test and trial any facial product before committing to it.  Pick up a $1 sample of Kasnoff Skincare & Cosmetics during your next facial in San Francisco at The Skin Clinic, or email us and we will be more than happy to send a sample of your choice.


What is included in the Kasnoff All-Inclusive Custom Facial? 

The Skin Clinic offers on of the only prix fixe facials in San Francisco. For $105, your skin is treated for 55 minutes with a myriad of skincare methods to promote cellular turnover and provide a healthy glow. Read more about the details here. Micro-needling facial treatments are also available to treat acne scarring, aging concerns, and sun damage. They are $300 for a 60 minute session and include a variety of skincare techniques depending on your skin type. 


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