Makeup Tips for San Francisco Wedding Season

August 9, 2017

How To Achieve Glowing Skin For Your Wedding Day

Wedding season is in full swing and I’ve been buzzing around, beautifying clients in preparation for their big day! Whether you are prepping for your special day or have a big event coming up, I think you will find value in these makeup and skincare tips for a flawless and radiant complexion. 

Firstly, healthy skin is essential for a good makeup application.

Whether you are months away from the wedding date or only a couple of weeks out, check in with yourself and address any complexion concerns or skin issues. Maybe you need to start simply by adding hydrating facials in addition to drinking more water to plump up your complexion, or maybe you want to finally rid yourself of old acne scars or address rosacea, thus starting a series of peels that will even out your complexion. Whatever your concern, take care of it now and not later. At the very least, take advantage of the complimentary consultation at The Skin Clinic in San Francisco if you have the time!

Secondly, stick to a routine that works for you.

I would urge you not to try new products a month before your big day unless advised by a skin professional. You could suffer a breakout or an allergic reaction and that’s no bueño.

Thirdly, get a microdermabrasion two weeks prior your wedding day.

It is a non-invasive, safe, easy, and painless facial treatment with incredible results.  Microdermabrasion effectively sloughs off all the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the skin surface to reveal bright and healthy skin. Not only do you look more refreshed and even toned, but the actual surface is smoother and particle free. This ensures an even foundation coverage with minimal cracks and crevices. Yippee!

Now that you’ve got your skin healthy and radiant, it’s time to play up what nature gave you!

Makeup will help to highlight your favorite features as well recede anything you would like to play down. It’s light and shadow. It’s texture and tone. It’s art! 

Typically a little more makeup is worn for weddings than in everyday and different steps are taken to ensure longevity. Featuring the lovely Kasnoff Cosmetics, I have compiled some of my non-negotiable application tips that will be sure to have you looking radiant, polished, and beautiful!

1. Moisturize!

Avoid anything with an SPF over 15 as it will bounce light back in photos and you might end up looking ghostly. A great option is an oil-free moisturizer with salicylic acid like Kasnoff Oil Defense SPF 15. And don't forget to moisturize your eyebrows in addition to your face. This will help from any flaking when you comb and groom them. Later in your makeup application use a clear mascara or brow gel after you have filled in your brows with Kasnoff Brow Balm. This will help to define individual hairs and keep your shape in place as well as clean up any powder that may have fallen on them.  

So... moisturizing turned into talking about’s ok, it’s all related!  

Using an eye cream nightly will help keep your under eyes supple thus resulting in a smooth concealer application. ONLY use concealer in the areas that are dark. Kasnoff Mineral Photo Touch Concealer is a creamy formula that moisturizes! Choose a color a shade lighter than your foundation and avoid using it increases, as products tend to move and settle in them.

2. Exfoliate!

Dead skin cells and lack of cell turnover is the leading factor in a cakey makeup application aside from a heavy hand. Exfoliation can be done with peels or with products recommended by your aesthetician, like Kasnoff Mineral Mud Mask.

3. Use a makeup primer based on your skin type and needs.

Primer is basically your “makeup insurance”. Would you paint a house without a coat of primer? Nope! I love LOVE the Kasnoff Tinted Mineral Primer. I wear it everyday and all I need to do is dust a little bit of loose powder over to finish it and I’m glowing! This would be a good sequence for someone who doesn’t like or want foundation. 

4. Pick eye colors that are complementary to your eye color.

Green eyes pop in warm browns and rosey reds. Blue eyes sparkle next to rose golds as well as cooler grays. Brown eyes look great in purples and golds. Here are some inspirational looks that would suit different wedding vibes:

Daytime wedding- soft blushes, soft warm eyes, emphasis on lashes, no liner.

Wine country- soft brown and golds, or rosé eyes! Berry stained lips.

City Hall Courthouse- classic cat eye, matte skin, red lips.

Black tie- smokey eyes, light contour, neutral lips.

5. Lashes. Always lashes.

For those of you who would sooner poke your eye out rather than glue strips of hair to your eyelids, consider individual lashes. They pop right onto your lash line and are so light you won’t even know they are there. They come in different sizes and fullness and typically you would use about 5 per eye. Practice before the wedding so you get your technique down. You want them to blend in with your natural lashes. Finish with mascara (of course!).

6. Pop those cheeks!

Apply a little more blush on than you think you need. Blush tends to fade fast, but remember to blend evenly!! The Kasnoff Mineral Blushes are perfect and they are small enough to fit in your touch up kit! Flirt is a pretty pink for a sweet look, Coral has hints of gold for any bronzed goddess, Rosebud is a mature rosey plum, and Adobe is natural enough for that sculpted not there but there color.

7. Radiate with the help of a highlighter.

Dust Kasnoff Illuminating Finishing Powder across cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and cupids bow, as well as on your collar bones for a natural glow.

8. Pick a hydrating lip color.

I don’t really recommend long wearing lip color. You know the ones where it’s still on the next day and you can’t get it off!? They are so drying and they look dry on. You want to have kissable soft lips on your wedding day. I prefer the old fashion way of sponging a base foundation on the lip line, powdering and then lining the lips fully and then applying your color. I like using this technique if you are doing a bold lip look. Kasnoff Essential Lipstick in Mocha Rose is a bridal best! If you are just wanting a more saturated version of your own lips, stains work great.

9. Lock in makeup with a hydrosol toner. (hint-- make your own!)

Spray and buff using the Studio Brush to refresh the makeup throughout the night. After all, at the end of the day, makeup is makeup. It’s not permanent. It moves throughout the night. The only thing you can do to ensure it stays in place without a good tattoo artist is 1) good preparation (i.e.- prime and protect!) and 2) touch up after you’ve danced, smiled, and cried :).

10. Smile and Laugh!!

It’s the best beauty tip and it won’t cost you money :). This day will go by in the wink of eye, so know that the present moment is beautiful and so are you!


Rachel Rockwood
Makeup Artist for Kasnoff Cosmetics & Young Blood Cosmetics

Planning your big day and need a makeup consultation? Schedule an appointment with Rachel by emailing her at


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