Makeup Coverage



The goal of any makeup application is to create the look of seamless, healthy, beautiful skin. The Kasnoff Cosmetics collection focuses on buildable coverage and restorative properties, so that no matter what type of product you choose to add to your beauty routine, you give back to your skin. Whether a sheer, natural, or picturesque finish is the goal, the potent combination of minerals, antioxidants and SPF protect your skin from UV and environmental damage while evening skin tone and texture to create your essential complexion.



It is amazing to see the difference in skin texture, tone, and radiance once you slough off old skin cells and reveal healthy, new, fresh skin.  When you regularly force your skin to regenerate with skin treatments like MICRODERMABRASION, ULTRASONIC TONING, and CHEMICAL PEELS, you increase the epidermis' ability to heal from trauma caused by acne and sun damage.  Depending on skin type and damage, we recommend a regular facial every 4-12 weeks. Book our All-Inclusive Facial and see the difference.



Makeup sits best when skin is fully hydrated. When your skin lacks water, it is dry, flaky, and makes pores look large and skin texture uneven. Try one of our MOISTURIZE & PROTECT products to keep skin balanced and UV protected throughout the day.



NATURAL- For your natural skin to come through use the Retexturizing Primer, Mineral Sheer Tint, Photo Touch Concealer, Mineral Blush, and Illuminating Finishing Powder for brightness around the eyes and contouring. Or, simply use the Tinted Primer in place of the Retexturizing Primer and Mineral Sheer Tint. 

MEDIUM– If you want a light coverage of imperfection use the Pore Perfecting Primer, Photo Touch Concealer, Mineral Sheer Tint, Mineral Pressed Powder, and Mineral Blush.

FULL/MATTE– For total coverage of imperfections use the Pore Perfecting Primer, Retexture Tinted Primer, Photo Touch ConcealerLiquid Mineral Foundation, Mineral Pressed PowderMineral Blushand finish with the Illuminating Powder

DEWEY- To give a nice, reflective glow use the Retexturizing Primer and Mineral Sheer Tint, or Retexture Tinted Primer, and Mineral Illuminating Powder to contour and brighten the eyes. Finish with a gentle tap of RetexturCreme Primer on the cheekbone area for an extra glow.



If you want a smooth makeup application, you cannot skip this step. Kasnoff primers protect your skin from environmental aggressors while keeping your foundation and powders smooth, fresh, and in place all day.

Retexturizing Primer- light moisturizing effect with a smooth matte finish that gives skin a filtered look. Gel application that is antioxidant rich with SPF 20
RetexturCreme Primer- creamy hydration with a plumping effect and a luminous glow.
Pore Perfecting Primer- Oil absorbing with a smooth matte finish and antibacterial properties due to Salicylic Acid.
Retexture Tinted Primer- Sheer coverage with light hydration and glowing finish.  Creamy application that is antioxidant rich with SPF 20.



For maximum coverage apply your Photo Touch Concealer on any blemish, dark circles, or scarring, but for general brightening, focus on the T-zone. Start by tapping a small amount where you need extra coverage and lightly layer until you receive the desired effect. Next, use the same tapping method by squeezing a pea size of Liquid Mineral Foundation (matte finish) or Mineral Sheer Tint (glowing finish) onto your fingers and tap across your forehead, nose and mouth area and blend out. To set your foundation, apply Mineral Pressed Foundation using your Studio Brush for a sheer coverage, or the Stipple Brush for a buffed out and complete coverage finish. Remember not to use too much at once: layering is key.

Mineral Sheer Tint- Dewey light coverage, may be layered for more coverage, antioxidant, humectant (moisture retention), SPF 20.
Liquid Mineral Foundation- goes on as a liquid, dries to a soft powdery finish, easily layered for more coverage, antioxidant protection, SPF 15.
Photo Touch Concealer- Light-reflective minerals and line-filling micro-spheres camouflage flaws. Dark circles, blemishes and fine lines vanish.
Mineral Pressed Powder- Buildable coverage, from natural sheer to polished opaque with a subtle luminosity. Sets your foundation so that your essential complexion lasts all day.

NOTE: If the color does not look to be an exact match to your skin tone when looking at it in your hand, don’t worry, test the color on the inner portion of your wrist (the lightest). If you are buying online, please email us and we will happily send out a $1 sample for you to try out.



Whether a wispy, barely-there blush, a natural rosy glow, or a flush of bolder, brighter color, we have the shade for you. Use the Stipple Brush to lightly dust the Mineral Blush of your choice on your cheeks, and even apply a hue to the inner crease of your eyelids or pat gently on your lips with a non glossy lip balm for a pop of natural warmth to your complexion.

Finish with a dusting of Mineral Illuminating Finishing Powder to add a soft glow and reflective finish.



Apply Lush Mascara in as many coats as you like to lashes in an upward motion, wiggling the bristles at the lash line to build thickness. Apply additional coats as desired. Don't worry, it should not ever clump! Here's a tip: if you are at the end of your mascara, simply hold the tube under hot water for 30 seconds to loosen the last of the color and apply as necessary. This is a sure way to get the most out of your product!

Of course, you can always leave the eyelid untouched for a total natural look, but we love to even out skin tone, create dimension, and highlight the warmth of the eye area with a brush of color.  If you're only looking for a just a hint of color, dab a bit of Mineral Blush and apply gently to your eyelids. This will add depth to your lids and embellish your natural iris.  For a smokey eye, a colorful take on eyeliner, or a simple eye "lift", use our Essential Eye compact.  With three palettes to choose from, the possibilities are endless! 

For perfectly placed arches, use the Brow Definer Brush, gently rub the tip in to Brow Balm, being careful not to grab too much, and work color into brows with short upward strokes. Blend as needed to create your desired brow shape. Ultra sensitive, our Brow Balm is also great to use as an everyday eyeliner!

Finish with an Essential Lip color, made with Argan oil and beeswax for ultra hydration, or our Plumping Gloss for a kick of shine.

Pucker up! You are ready to go. XOXO