2017 Winter Lip Trends

December 5, 2017

Winter Lip Colors To Highlight Your Look & Skin Tone

Typically, a lip color is thought of as a finishing a look, changing with our outfit, occasion, and yes, the seasons. For fall/winter 2017,  lovely wine hues and nude lips were all the rage on the runways, and I have to admit, I cannot be happier to see it in fashion! At Kasnoff, all efforts are on glowing, healthy skin and a bare or berry lip is the perfect accessory to highlight it. Clean, universally flattering, and utterly classic, these Fall trends show a spectrum of natural, earthy lip colors making it easy for everyone to find a lipstick perfect for their skin.

First, let's get down to the nudes.  

In the same way every woman needs a little black dress, every woman needs a beautiful, nude lip on her vanity.  What is a nude lipstick?  A classic nude lip is timeless, forgiving, and helps elevate any look (have you ever seen a smokey eye paired with a nude lip? Amazing!). Depending on your skin tone, a nude lipstick can be caramel, beige, taupe, or toffee and will highlight a glowing complexion; perfect for candlelit holiday fetes.  However, not all nudes are created equally.  Finding flattering nudes that can complement any look is essential to executing this popular fall trend.  

Nude lipstick for an elegant and classic Winter makeup look.

Here are some general guidelines to follow when picking out a nude lipstick:

Pale skin: pinky nudes. Steer clear of orangey nudes, which can make paler complexions.

Medium skin: Golden-beige or peachy-nudes shades enhance olive complexions rather than compete with them.

Dark skin: brown or dusty rose-brown pairs nicely with toasty complexions.

Pro tip:  select the same undertone as you do for your foundations.  My favorite in the Kasnoff Cosmetics collection for cool or blue/violet undertones is Kasnoff Essential Lip in Mocha Rose.  For warm or yellow/red undertones, Mocha is the go to nude. The later has a slightly more brown complex than the former, and will help keep the yellow undertone at bay.

Remember, pick a lipstick that not only provides color, but protects the delicate lip surface. The Kasnoff Essential Lipstick formula contains Beeswax for locking in moisture, chamomile to heal dry chapped lips, and rose hip seed oil to nourish. All good things that help heal and nourish during the drier, colder months.

If you’re in the mood for a lip that screams holiday season, look to the other end of the Fall trends spectrum: the berry hues.

Gone are the bright metallic, neon (and frankly unflattering) lipstick shades and hello to the rich, earthy lipstick shades that make a woman feel and look like elegance!. These shades reflect the warmth and festiveness of the coming months and can include dark pinks, plums, rich brown reds, wine stains, and my favorite, burgundy. Whether a Voluptuous berry or a deep Bordeaux is your pick, a berry lip will enhance any winter complexion, and make a stunning addition to any rich velvet, shimmery, or yes, black holiday attire.

Berry wine lipstick makes a bold Winter 2017 look.

Here are some general guidelines to follow when picking out a berry lipstick:

Pale skin: For pink undertones, look for deep plum, wines and blood berry lipstick shades. If you have yellow undertones, burgundy, deep red and maroon berry lipstick shades are your friends.

Medium skin: Plummy shades and olive skin are a match made in make-up heaven and it's all thanks to those green undertones. You just can’t go wrong.

Dark skin: Brighter berries with pinks and classic reds will make the pout pop against the darker complexions. But if you want a dramatic look, test out the oxblood reds and own it!

Pro tip:  A deep alluring lip is always welcome during the holiday season. The Kasnoff Cosmetics Essential Lipstick collection offers four shades: Mocha Rose, Mocha, Bordeaux, and Voluptuous. Remember, a creamy matte formulation is much more forgiving than a glossy bold lip, but if you want that popsicle stain effect, mix a lipstick and a gloss on your hand and apply with a brush to control the lines. And if it’s safe for your lips, it should be safe for your skin. Dab a bit of your berry lipstick on your cheeks for a festive flush. It will have the same effect as a stain, just be sure to use a light hand, rub gently, and finish with an Illuminating Powder.

Lipstick is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance your makeup look and finish your ensemble. Like the great Coco Chanel once said “if you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack”. Go bold with a berry, or stay classic with a nude; either way, pick up a lipstick and go.

Until next time~

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