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The Details Behind Our All-Inclusive Facial

The Details Behind Our All-Inclusive Facial

Go beyond the normal cleanse and steam skincare treatment and experience an all-inclusive facial treatment. Your $105 customized 50-minute facial session is centered around minimally invasive skincare treatments that penetrate deep into pores to clean and correct underlying issues. Skincare methods include Diamond-Peel Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic Facial Toning, Oxygenating masks, and Chemical Peel solutions to promote a healthy, glowing complexion.
We're moving! Enjoy 40% off all inventory.

We're moving! Enjoy 40% off all inventory.

Bigger, far grander things are happening for Kasnoff Skincare & Cosmetics in 2018. After 10 years in the Mission District of San Francisco, The Kasnoff Skin Clinic is moving to a permanent retail space on Market St. While we painstakingly bring the Kasnoff skincare philosophy and shopping experience to life, please enjoy 40% off all skincare and makeup until supplies last. In the mean time, sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest scoop on moving news, product formulations, and everything beauty related.
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Stimulate the skin's self corrective mechanisms with regular facials & products containing nutritive minerals, powerful peptides, & natural botanical extracts.


Encourage capillary health & shield against environmental aggressors with antioxidants & SPF in every skincare & makeup application.


Revitalize & renew your skin to a healthy glow with scientific formulations proven to stimulate collagen production & cell function.


Radiate confidence as you walk out the door knowing you have corrected, protected, & restored your skin to it's essential complexion for easy, effective, everyday beauty.

What To Put On Your Face This Winter

Dry, cold weather requires a new outlook on skincare & makeup. Now is the season to recover and restore skin from sun damage, promote cellular turnover for healthier skin cells, and restore skin with ample hydration. And let us not forget the importance of enhancing your makeup look to embrace the rich lipstick hues and powdery matte coverage that pairs oh-so-nicely with scarves, sweaters, and winter apparel.
Here are Christina’s go-to Winter make-up and skincare products to keep your skincare game on point.
  • Kasnoff Cosmetics Tinted Primer is a very welcome addition to my make up bag. I love how easy it is to apply, the finish is natural and glowing. Kasnoff’s Lush Mascara is perfect for me too as I have fair eyelashes and the wand seems to reach every one of my lashes without the thick effect left by other brushes. Lastly, the flawless finish of the powder completes my routine. Thank you Christina for providing all of us with very good products!

    Gillean McLeod, Stylist & Model
  • “The Stimulating Cleansing Paste has really changed my outlook on skincare. In the past, I’ve tried many types of face wash products for my oily skin, and nothing seemed to keep my acne and darkened eye circles at bay (my two biggest skin issues). This whipped cleansing paste is a dream and really works so well. I use it once in the morning, and once in the evening. It makes my face feel young, tingly, clean and fresh. Some of that feeling is probably owed to the mint souffle ingredients. My husband even started using this in his morning and evening grooming regimen. I am going to have to get more! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product! Along with the cleansing paste, I also use the Essential Lipstick in Berry and Neutral Essential Eye Palette. The colors match my fair complexion so well and highlight all of my best facial assets quite perfectly. No breakouts, great ingredients. I’m actually not one for lipstick, but really enjoy wearing this! “

    Danielle, Pittsburgh
  • “Christina took special care in the weeks leading up to my wedding to get my forty-something face looking as pretty as possible. She has a way about her that is calming and encouraging. Her products are fantastic! The cleanser is gentle and smells great. The make-up blends smoothly and provides great coverage. The moisturizers are luxurious. I really put them to the test by moving to Utah! In a dry climate, good moisturizer is essential and this stuff is awesome!”

    Marianna, Utah
  • “I am absolutely obsessed with Kasnoff foundation and primer; it feels like silk on my skin! The best part about Christina’s products is that I am able to afford them which has been a blessing, as good skin has always been an expensive undertaking for me. I feel like the skincare products along with her customized treatments have really evened out my skin complexion, reduced the fine lines, and minimized my cystic pimple breakouts.”

    Ashley, San Francisco
  • “Simply put, Christina is a skin goddess. Thanks to her treatment and unsurpassed professional advice, my skin is softer, far more even-toned, and my worry lines and pores have virtually disappeared. Christina will straight-talk you into the right skin care regimen for you, and offers some of the best skincare and cosmetics I have ever used.”

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    Laura, San Francisco
  • ” I love her cleansers, moisturizer, masque, and sunscreen. I don’t use any other products on my skin now (after years of trying everything from Rx to expensive department store brands). Her newly expanded cosmetic line (with online ordering) looks great. I’ve used her primer, foundation, and concealer regularly and am excited to try some of the new cosmetics. Definitely try SKIN Clinic, you will be grateful! I’m also glad to be supporting a local small business woman with my skin care budget!”

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    Wendy, San Francisco
  • “Her line of skincare products and makeup is truly the best – I’ve blown hundreds of dollars on high-end label lines, and nothing has compared in coverage, staying power, and “clean feeling” than her line of makeup. Her prices are incredibly fair, and she’s generous with the samples too – just know you’ll actually be hooked!”

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    Rae, San Francisco